Friday, May 11, 2012

More Moms groups and Houston

Blankets for Brianna had their first group event on May 2nd with the Menifee MOPS group.  It was so wonderful to see the women joined together creating blankets for such a wonderful cause. 

One woman brought her two daughers and it gave me such a good idea to one day have a Mother's Day event to create blankets with our children.  Not this Mother's Day of course, but just an idea for the future. It was so great to even see these small hands helping out.  Later she said her "girls will forever be changed.  They both prayed for Brianna and all babies last night.  Macy thanked God for her talens that she could make blankets to help sick babies."  How faithful these young children are and obviously grateful that they could help. 

They have inspired me along with all the other women who took time out of their busy life to spend the evening making blankets.  Here is a picture of the blankets collected just that night. This is not counting the blankets this group collected before and a couple of the women who took fleece to make more blankets during the week.
Then I got the chance to talk at the Canyon Lake Moms Next group about the charity.  I was there along with Align Ministries , Faithful Servants , and The 100 Mile Club . Thanks for the group for having us and taking the time to consider each of our charities for the summer off months. Hope to see many of you soon.

Lastly, I had a class in Houston this week for work. And even though I was only there for a total of 32 hours, I still made it a priority to squeeze in a hospital visit on my lunch break. The staff at the hospital was so wonderful and loved each blanket received.  They were happy for the donation and of course, I was happy to donate blankets in honor of Brianna and others like her.
Mother's Day is in a couple of days and although my heart is full, I am excited because it is my first.  I will be using my time to organize the blankets and add all the labels so that we can get them shipped out and in the hands of the families who need them.  Thank you to everyone for taking your time and talents to make such beautiful masterpieces. I love you all.

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