Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good news for Blankets for Brianna

First of all... don't forget to "like" Blankets for Brianna on facebook-!/BlanketsforBrianna . Blankets for Brianna has not even been on facebook for one month and it already has so many people devoted to it.

There is so much good news happening with this charity.

I am receiving so many good ideas from good friends, so if anyone has any ideas I welcome them.  Like one friend suggested donating supplied to Senior centers or homes for those people to create blankets to donate back, then I thought a step further of possibly offering a complimentary short "Knitting Basics" or "Crocheting Basics" class for the people who would like to learn at those locations. 

Also, I am working with a local church group to possibly get "Blankets for Brianna" featured as their summer service project.  It's very exciting to imagine 125 women serving these babies and families during times of stress and sorrow. 

I have contacted the 3D/4D ultrasound location I got pictures of Brianna at and the cemetery where Brianna was born to possibly place brochures in their packets for more exposure.

Last, a local hospital is just amping up their Bereavement Program and I have offered to be apart of the process and help in any way possible. I know that these mothers don't always have the amazing husband, family, friends and support group I was blessed with during my trial, so I am hoping to give back to help them. 

All of this combined with the already devoted friends and family I have brings so much joy to my heart. Charity truly is the work and love of Christ and I hope we all can feel that blessing. Thank you all for your love and support.

Here are some beanies that were created by a friend using a loom.  Super easy, quick and fun for those who may not want to create a blanket. Thanks...

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