Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lord provides....

I got a serger for Christmas from my mother in law. I guess I said I wanted one once in my lifetime and that's what she got me.  I was totally excited to have it, but had no idea how to use it or even if I would since I am such an old school sewing machine girl. That's what my grandma taught me to use and that's what I am most comfortable with.

I finally put this serger together after reading the manual 500 times and watching both the instructional DVDs and I was set. I tried to make one thing, but when I realized my sewing machine would do much of the same thing I switched right back.  Then my daughter was born!!

Blankets for Brianna was created out of my daughter's short life on earth.  Crafting blankets is sooooo therapeutic and for others that are involved with this foundation and who are creating their own blankets, I am sure they feel the same way. They may have had a similar situation.  They may want to reach out in honor of someone they know like Brianna. They may just want to help. Whatever their reasons, they are appreciated. 

I have been busy with the paperwork and background organizing, but getting out that serger that I thought I would never care to use, I was able to make 4 double sided flannel blankets in the couple hours I had free time last night. 

I feel like I am contributing too in more of a front line way... Thank you all for your support and love for me, my daughter, my family and others like us. It brings tears to my eyes and I know that the Lord provides a way for service to his children. I am grateful to be apart of his work and glory and grateful you all are too.

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  1. What a blessing, you are so wonderful Laurel, and I am so happy you are doing this! I plan on getting started on my blanket for Brianna tomorrow.