Saturday, June 9, 2012

165 blankets and 70 beanies...

Last Friday was D-Day.. as in Delivery Day.  The blankets piled up so fast at home that I decided to ship them all out at once.
When I first started thinking about doing this I never had any idea that it would be so successful so fast. I am so  excited for every item I receive and know that it will help families during their hard times as these items have helped me. 

I couldn't think of a way to cart around so many blankets so I got moving boxes *next time I will order them online so they don't say HOME DEPOT across the front* I put a Blanket for Brianna sticker on top that identified what hospital each box was for and I was off. 

6 local hospitals- Corona Regional, Riverside Community, Riverside Regional, Parkview Community, Rancho Springs and Kaiser Riverside. 

Everyone was so grateful for the blankets and everything that we are all doing to help these families. Now ready for our next hospitals.... 

Thanks everyone for your creativity, support, and love during these past few months. 

Brianna wasn't even born 5 months ago and look how many lives we have touched. 

On a side note: Meeting with attorney Jeremiah Raxter from Menifee to go over my 501c3 paperwork on Thursday.  The state has cashed my check for the Articles of Incorporation so we should be a legit non-profit in no time. 

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