Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girls girls girls....

Girl Scout Troop 285 had an event and made some blankets for Blankets for Brianna. They so sweetly presented them to me at their end of the year pool party. 

It was so great to be with the girls and listen to their laughs and playful screams from the pool and meet their wonderful parents. 

 Here they are presenting me with the blankets. They had a little speech all set up... 
 I was so happy to be a part of this day with them.
A huge thank you...
 Obviously a very smiley girl... 
 Our group pic... These girls were a crack up.
 Of course, gotta have the funny group pic. 

Tina, my friend and coworker, coordinated the event and made it all possible. 
They made about 20 fleece blankets. They are all beautiful and so appreciated. The day was perfect! 

The next group event is Girls Camp in a couple weeks. I am also speaking at a devotional on the last day of camp about being a survivor... I think I am going to speak more about wanting to endure to the end to get back to my daughter... I am still writing the talk. I should be doing that NOW!!!

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