Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Delivery- Parkview Community

I delivered our first collection of blankets to Parkview on Wednesday April 4, 2012.  It was a small but beautiful collection of 14 blankets and 20 beanies.  Each were branded with our labels.

I was anxious and emotional to go to the hospital. I hadn't been there since I was discharged after having Brianna.  I couldn't have expected the open arms I received.  These woman are amazing.  I am so touched by them, and also the people donating the blankets for me to take to these hospitals.  I was able to visit with all my nurses except one.  I will be going back next week to visit with her.  I also am taking cards or brochures for the nurses to give the mothers to explain a little bit about Blankets for Brianna. That is part of my homework this week!!!

This has been such an exciting week for Blankets for Brianna... Tuesday the MOPS talk, Wednesday delivering our first collection to Parkview and Thursday I received 14 blankets in just one day (Thanks Rachel DiGiamarino, Dispatch and Alpha Kappa)

There are other exciting things going on and contacts and connections being made, but I will save that news for when it is more concrete.

However, mark your calendars... October 6, 2012. The Inland Empire Walk to Remember. I will be there for sure!

I love and appreciate you all.

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