Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good things keep coming

Good things keep coming our way over here at Blankets for Brianna.

First, Menifee 24/7 wrote an article about our organization. It can be found at the Menifee 24/7 article.

Also, the Taylor house is planning their vacation for this year, and I decided how cool would that be to take blankets wherever we go. So obviously, when we decide and book the location I will have more info on that.

May is full of blanket making events. Some are virtual like Becki has asked her friends to make blankets and she will collect them at the beginning of May and bring them to me.  A girl scout troop has set aside one of their activities to make blankets.  The MOPS event is May 2nd. And the Menifee Lakes Ward Relief Society is doing their event May 15th.  I hope that the hype doesn't die down so for all of you who keep procrastination and want to help. Don't feel bad. This project is ongoing and will be here when you have the time to do it.

I got my brochures from HotPrintUSA and delivered them to Parkview to hand out with their blankets. A friend, Amy, has so kindly offered to help make the labels so that I can get some of the blankets that I have shipped out to area hospitals that have already been lined up to receive blankets.

Also, Mr, Jeremiah Raxter from Raxter Law in Menifee has heard about our charity and offered his assistance free of charge.  He has already been in communication with me about certain aspects of obtaining our 501 status and we are very grateful for his help thus far.

The good news keeps coming.  We had a fundraiser.  It was coordinated by a friend Stefanie in which another friend Carli made wooden Welcome posts.  In this fundraiser, we made over $400 which will go to buy blanket making supplies.  Dispatch also pitched in $200 from their picnic that they raised.

The outpouring of love and support will never cease to amaze me. I have so many more ideas that I will be implementing in the future. If anyone has anything to add or they think may help, please feel free to email me at  I appreciate all the advice that I have received.  Thank you everyone for the kind words, blankets and love.

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