Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tears from Heaven or a Welcome party?

I have been meaning to post about all the wonderful things happening with Blankets for Brianna, but this week my mind has been elsewhere.
I am saddened by the loss of a dear friend, Dominc Durden.  Dom is everything anyone could want in a friend and he is already missed by hundreds of people. As we go through this next week reflecting on memories we have all shared and preparing for the service, I will continue to have him and his mother in my thoughts and prayers. The loss of a child is tragic, and we are all feeling a glimpse of that.  I pray that his mother, Sabine, feels the comfort and peace of a loving Lord and Savior.

The day that Dominic return to heaven was the oddest weather for a July. The day before it was 106 degrees. The day he passed away it was gloomy and rainy. Some say it matched our moods. Some say it was tears. And someone said the thunder and lightening were his welcome party. Whatever it was Dominic will be missed by all. His spirit, his smile, his laugh... his bug eyes photo bombing every picture he could... He is perfect in everyway.

I love you Dominic. N4629 EOW 071212.  

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  1. Don't forget to mention how extremely humid it was, which is strange in itself for California. I also wanted to mention that the crazy weather lasted for 3 days, which reminded me of the resurrection of Jesus. After these 3 days, the weather was oddly pleasant for mid-July. I couldn't help but wonder if Dominic was going through his trial those 3 days and then God accepted him into heaven afterward. At least the weather followed my train of thought :)