Monday, September 17, 2012

International Blanketeer

This week my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to England and of course what do I do... research hospitals and pack blankets (in his luggage).

We took 2 packages of blankets to London and 1 to Liverpool.  This by far has been my favorite location geographywise. One of the hospitals was right on the River Thames across from Parliment. How awesome is that.

I didn't call ahead like usual, but all the staff was so appreciative and wonderful.  This was also the first time my husband went along for the delivery. 

First stop was the Liverpool Women's Hospital.
Taxi ride there then about a mile walk back through the city. So worth it...

2nd stop... St Mary's Hospital near Paddington.

Last stop, St Thomas Hospital. My favorite.

This was such a wonderful experience and I should have more to report once my dear friend delivers some blankets to a hospital in Germany. If anyone else is going on vacations or trips and would like me to coordinate a delivery for you to take that would be wonderful. Just let me know. I have blankets that need to be labeled then I will have plenty to ship out.  I will have them boxed (for trips via car) or smaller packages in bags (for trips via plane).
I hope everyone knows how appreciative I am for all the love, support, talents and blankets that I continue to get.