Saturday, June 6, 2015

Run the Mile You are in

Most of you know that I love running, (lately my right knee doesn't love it, but thats for another blog).  I didn't always love running.... My parents, sister, soon to be husband and I were in town for the St George Marathon on lucky October morning, 2010.  Side Note- later that weekend my husband would ask my dad for my hand in marriage. YIPEE!

That was the first time I have ever been a spectator at a race or ever been apart of anything like that.  St George Marathon is known to racers as one of the Most Scenic, Fastest and Most Organized Marathons so it's a good one.

That day my sister and I said we are gonna do this... She went on to run St George Marathon the next year. AMAZING.  She is running it this year too. AMAZING.  I went on to run a Half Marathon in DC (my favorite of favorite places) the next March.  I got pregnant with Brianna just about 2 or 3 weeks after I ran that Half...

I feel like running has been a big part of my adult life as a parent.  Its been a constant and a companion.  Its been a stress reliever and a sanity keeper.  Its been an upper on hard days and it is evidence to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to, no matter how much it hurts or how much time it takes.

This year I am running a full marathon! Guess I am not ambitious as my sister, but this year I am. I am going to do it.  Slow and steady, hopefully no major injuries or setbacks... In fact, I am running 2 full marathons. Both I think will be great.  Long Beach, a city that is special to me for a few reasons, and Vegas, just because who could resist running down the strip at night.  If you are considering any race of any distance sign up for this one... Best I've ever run.

Today, while I was enjoying a quiet afternoon alone, I was reading Runner's World and a sentence caught my attention....


This so applies to life.  I have to try to remember that running is a competition against ourselves.  All we can do is better ourselves and our times or paces.  It doesn't matter that people can run half marathons over an hour faster than me, it matters that I am trying and doing my best and keeping my training schedule.

Life is that way.  It doesn't matter that people grieve different or have cleaner houses and cook better, or that they do better at my job than me... all that matters is I am doing the best I can do and all that matters is you are too.  RUN THE MILE YOU ARE IN... try the best you can where you are on the race or in this life.  Be happy.  Be happy is a big one!  It makes all the difference.

Whether you are 6 miles from home, trying to run back and get a negative split, just starting a path of grieving of any sort, or you are just trying to grow up... Live the moment you are in.... run the mile you are in....