Thursday, April 11, 2013

A whirlwind of a year

Today marks the one year since we have received "official-hood" here at Blankets for Brianna.

Thanks to you all we have accomplished so much.  We have shared stories, experiences, tears, and laughs.  Every single item given to hospitals has been donated to this wonderful organization that is not only in memory of this precious angel Brianna, but other angels just like her.

We cannot begin to thank you all enough for the generosity and support.  We have donated blankets every single month since we started. 

Here is a quick little wrap up of all we have done in the past year. 

Brianna born
January 13, 2012
Opened Blankets for Brianna Facebook
February 23, 2012
Letter received from Secretary of State to say the name Blankets for Brianna available
March 13, 2012
Delivered first package of blankets to Parkview Community Hospital (where Brianna was born)
April 4, 2012
Articles of Incorporation endorsed/filed
April 11, 2012
IRS Employer Identification Number received
June 11, 2012
IRS Form 1040 and California Franchise Tax Board Form 3500 filed
July 30, 2012
IRS Form 1040 and California Franchise Tax Board Form 3500 accepted effective April 11, 2012
September 2012
California Registry of Charitable Trusts confirmed
October 8, 2012
Current Board of Directors
Laurel Taylor, Tiffany Hazelaar, Stefanie Muhlhauser
Total Likes on Facebook
Number of Hospitals donated to
Number of States donated to
11 (California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Illinois, Oregon, New York, DC)
Number of Countries donated to
4 (USA, Germany, Rome, England)
Number of Blankets donated
Number of Beanies donated
Number of other items donated
Booties- 8
Gowns- 9
Teddy Bears- 5

    To follow this charity... Please like us on Facebook at . We post updates on items that are donated to us including pictures, and updates on hospitals that these wonderful, beautiful items are donated to.  You can also message the Board of Directors with questions, comments and ideas to better the organization.
Thanks again and we love you all.