Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So much to be thankful for....

I have been wanting to post for sometime.  I had a few things that I thought were post worthy, but must have not been since I never sat down to actually type them up.  So here I am now.

Now all I really want to say is thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the people who have donated time, money, talent, support and whatever you could to this project.  My heart continues to be touched and I know that without all of you this would never be possible.  I could never make as many or as beautiful items as have donated to Blankets for Brianna.  In fact, I can barely make anything.  I have taken on the administrative roll of contacting hospitals and delivering blankets.  On a side note, I can still help anyone who is interested in doing that in their own area.  

I am so thankful for the people that I meet.  I have never met anyone who isn't just the most kind hearted person.  I meet lifelong friends from people who donated 2 blankets to people who continue to contact me with multiple items.  Blankets for Brianna even came up in conversation yesterday to the service writer as I was getting my oil changed.  I don't know what impact this little organization is making, but my heart is touched.  My heart is softened.  And for that I thank all of you. 

I do wish that we would hear more about how these blankets and other baby items are received.  Here at Blankets for Brianna we donate directly to hospitals and from there they are given to families.  Most of the time the families do not contact us.  But, I am not sure why they would.  Remembering back to my own child loss, I don't think I would have contacted an organization.  So I don't hear really anything about families who receive our items, but I did get a glimpse into one family.

Blankets for Brianna has been delivered to Dixie Medical Center in St George, Utah a couple times.  That is where my parents live.  My dad recently had a friend pass away.  My dad went down to the mortuary to make sure that this friend would be getting Veterans honors during his service and such.  I am not sure how it came about, but my dad saw a small blue gown on the counter.  He asked about it to the man at the mortuary.  It belonged to a sweet angel baby who was going to be dressed in it to be buried. My dad checked the gown and it had a Blanket for Brianna tag.  My dad never met the family of course, but to relay that story to me was so special.  I don't know if that is all the boy had to be dressed in or that it was special and dear to their heart, but either way it was what he was going to be buried in and that warmed my heart.  I wanted to share with all of you to know the impact your small blankets and gowns and beanies or whatever is donated brings to these precious families. 

So all in all, THANK YOU!!! Thank you to everyone who makes up this wonderful organization.  THANK YOU!!!!