Sunday, February 3, 2013

Living this mortal life...

I was recently reading an article in the January 2013 Ensign magazine called Whole Enough by Michele Reyes.

The article is about a women who lost most of her left arm in a car accident when she was 17, and she talks about being worried about her ability as a mother and if she would be able to take care of her children with only one arm.  Something that stuck out to me in the article was she said

“I once thought I was one of the people who most looked forward to the Resurrection and the idea of being made whole.  But now I am not in so much of a hurry.  Increasingly, I feel the Atonement working in my life now.  I have realized that the healing power need not begin only when the Resurrection occurs.  The wholeness has already begun…This realization has been just as meaningful to me as any miracle of physical healing.”

Although Michele is waiting for the Resurrection to be whole again and receive her arm… Mothers who have lost children are waiting too, but their reason to be whole again is to be reunited with their children.  When she said she was most looking forward to the Resurrection, I thought of myself.  Obviously, we are living in the last days, and so it’s possible that Christ will come before we pass away.  If that happens, Brianna and all our sweet angels will be resurrected and that is something that I cannot wait for.  If we pass before, I will still get to see her in the spirit form. 

So prior to reading this article, I was counting down the days until I get to see Brianna again, whether by the 2nd coming or by my own passing, but as time goes on I am grateful for the Atonement and the life that I have here on Earth.  I know that I will see her again and all the other loved ones I have that have passed on before me.  I have a lot to learn in my mortal life and shouldn’t rush that along.  I know Brianna is working hard on the other side.  I will continue to be patient in getting to see her again and be grateful for all the experiences and opportunities I have here.

Until we meet again…