Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lord provides....

I got a serger for Christmas from my mother in law. I guess I said I wanted one once in my lifetime and that's what she got me.  I was totally excited to have it, but had no idea how to use it or even if I would since I am such an old school sewing machine girl. That's what my grandma taught me to use and that's what I am most comfortable with.

I finally put this serger together after reading the manual 500 times and watching both the instructional DVDs and I was set. I tried to make one thing, but when I realized my sewing machine would do much of the same thing I switched right back.  Then my daughter was born!!

Blankets for Brianna was created out of my daughter's short life on earth.  Crafting blankets is sooooo therapeutic and for others that are involved with this foundation and who are creating their own blankets, I am sure they feel the same way. They may have had a similar situation.  They may want to reach out in honor of someone they know like Brianna. They may just want to help. Whatever their reasons, they are appreciated. 

I have been busy with the paperwork and background organizing, but getting out that serger that I thought I would never care to use, I was able to make 4 double sided flannel blankets in the couple hours I had free time last night. 

I feel like I am contributing too in more of a front line way... Thank you all for your support and love for me, my daughter, my family and others like us. It brings tears to my eyes and I know that the Lord provides a way for service to his children. I am grateful to be apart of his work and glory and grateful you all are too.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good news for Blankets for Brianna

First of all... don't forget to "like" Blankets for Brianna on facebook-!/BlanketsforBrianna . Blankets for Brianna has not even been on facebook for one month and it already has so many people devoted to it.

There is so much good news happening with this charity.

I am receiving so many good ideas from good friends, so if anyone has any ideas I welcome them.  Like one friend suggested donating supplied to Senior centers or homes for those people to create blankets to donate back, then I thought a step further of possibly offering a complimentary short "Knitting Basics" or "Crocheting Basics" class for the people who would like to learn at those locations. 

Also, I am working with a local church group to possibly get "Blankets for Brianna" featured as their summer service project.  It's very exciting to imagine 125 women serving these babies and families during times of stress and sorrow. 

I have contacted the 3D/4D ultrasound location I got pictures of Brianna at and the cemetery where Brianna was born to possibly place brochures in their packets for more exposure.

Last, a local hospital is just amping up their Bereavement Program and I have offered to be apart of the process and help in any way possible. I know that these mothers don't always have the amazing husband, family, friends and support group I was blessed with during my trial, so I am hoping to give back to help them. 

All of this combined with the already devoted friends and family I have brings so much joy to my heart. Charity truly is the work and love of Christ and I hope we all can feel that blessing. Thank you all for your love and support.

Here are some beanies that were created by a friend using a loom.  Super easy, quick and fun for those who may not want to create a blanket. Thanks...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blanket Ideas- both simple and advanced

I am so excited about all the support this little project of mine has gotten.  I just wanted to post a few ideas for you all.  Some of us are not as creative as others, some think they are creative and aren't really (I fit in this category) and some are super creative... I hope everyone feels just as welcome here.

I know some of us are knitting and crocheting blankets. Some of us are sewing... I am attempting all three. :) This week I am focusing on cutting straight lines for my blankets. hahah... Its harder than it sounds.

Some of us are not comfortable knitting, crocheting or sewing, but there is something out there for people who want to help.  Fleece blankets!!! They are really easy and require NO SEWING... thats the best part. 

They can be one layer...

Or two laters... either way all you need is scissors.

Just cut slits that are about one inch all the way around and tie... easy right?

Other more advanced ideas are... .
Appliques, rag quilts, standard quilts, ruffles edges or scalloped edges. Its all what your imagination can think up.

 Blankets should be about 24-30 inches x 24-30 inches. Just enough to wrap a sweet baby in. Thanks all for your hard work so far.  Also, something else I am working on this next couple weeks is labels to attach to the blankets...

*Don't forget when purchasing anything at Joann's, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby to use the 40% off coupon that is practically always available. They will take clipped or online/printed coupons and I believe they all even take digital coupons if you have them on your phone.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here is the facebook page for those of you who may want to "like" it that haven't seen it yet. Thanks again everyone. As I get more organized, more information will come about how to get the blankets to me that are made. Thanks!
Hey everyone... First let me say that this is my first blog post EVER!!! Yes, I am way behind the social networking game. 

I created this page to post about my organization Blankets for Brianna.  I am currently researching and getting legal information on how to become a true non-profit organization.  That is my goal... but for now I am hoping that the love and support is the same.  I am looking into my own bank account, Paypal account, PO box, and whatever else I need to get this rolling.

My daugher Brianna was born January 13, 2012. That little girl changed my life like I could never imagine. Even though she didn't take one breath outside my body, I am learning so much from her example and spirit.  She has made me want to be a better person each day of my life. She has made me want to help people instead of shop for myself. She has given me unconditional love, patience and charity.  And I am sure there is still more I will learn from her.

Blankets for Brianna is an organization that asks not for dollars as much as it asks for blankets.  Anyone who likes to knit, crochet, or sew or who wants to learn can be of assistance. I have already discovered my opinion was correct- my sewing is better than my knitting.  In fact, I got a serger from my dear mother in law for Christmas and even more grateful for that. The blankets are donated to hospitals for mothers of stillborn and NICU babies.  These situations are difficult to endure, sometimes these mothers only take home the clothes and blankets of their sweet angels. I know for myself, I sleep with the beanie that Brianna was wearing right when she was born. Even if it only helps a little, it helps.

As Blankets for Brianna expands, you are welcome to make hospital gowns for babies (patterns to be posted as soon as the hospital sends them), beanies, booties, mittens, anything that helps comfort these babies and families.  Even though these babies may not stay here on earth with us, they hold our hearts forever.

Thank you all for the "likes" on facebook, reading my post, and keeping these children and families in your thoughts and prayers.