Saturday, June 29, 2013

Every Angel a Missionary

I believe that learning does not end here on earth.  After we pass on to our next estate, I believe there is still so much to learn and do and work for.  That is part of what I always believed about Brianna and what has always helped me.  I always looked at her as a missionary.  She is teaching the gospel to people who may not have had a chance here on earth to learn about it.  I always say "she is teaching the gospel and singing with angels."

I have the opportunity to train and run a half marathon in October. The money raised will go to pay for missionaries here on earth. I think that is a perfect charity.  I am so happy to train and run again. Its been a long time since I have been physically able to run/jog, and it feels good to be outside in the fresh air. As long as we aren't in the triple digits temps... : ) Plus, I even posted today that my best ideas come to me when I am jogging since it gives me time to think.  So I should be getting a few good ideas in the next few months.  Countdown to the half marathon is October 26th... Yah.

Its possible that Blankets for Brianna will have a booth at the expo the day before.  I am happy to promote this organization and happy to meet new people who may want to donate and work for us. 

There are always happy things going on here.  I love my job at Blankets for Brianna.  Every day I am amazed at all the people who support and love us.  Thanks to you all.