Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making Memories of our Angels

I recently was given the opportunity to speak at the Loma Linda Always in My Heart support group about Making Memories of our Angels. I was so honored to even be asked. 

I met one of the nurses who runs the support group and she noticed that I have pieces of my own angel all over my house, which gave her the idea.  Not until I sat down to brainstorm what to take and talk about did I realize that Brianna is sprinkled all over my house.  There is a little bit of memories of her in 7 of the rooms in our house, which include all the common areas except the loft. (Now I gotta put something in there).

Here is the little table that was set up with the ideas. 
Blankets for Brianna recently published a new brochure for bereaved parents along these same lines that gives them idea of making memories of theirown angels.  It is something I think is really exciting... yet sad at the same time thinking about the parents that actually need to make memories of their babies.
If anyone would like a brochure email me ( and I will get one or as many as you need in the mail to you.  I, also, plan to make a page on the webpage spelling out each idea for making memories of our angels.
Some of the ideas in the brochure and featured on the table are ideas such as baby books that are specific for parents with a loss, photobooks like on Mixbook or My Publisher where you write your own story and include your own pictures*which usually have deals on Groupon or Living Social, DIY ideas like the pillow and picture on the black block, items you can buy like Origami Owl or Willow Tree figurines, things for bereaved parents from other bereaved parents like blocks from Maura's Mission or Molly Bears.... the list goes on and on. 
Here at Blankets for Brianna we just hope that people who have suffered a loss feel free to remember their angel as much or as little as they want.
My experience with the group was touching.  I thought I would just go and talk about stuff... literally the stuff on the table isn't hard to talk about; however, they went around the circle and had everyone tell their story and then I told mine. Listening to these mothers grieve for their babies and then talk about Brianna was NOT EASY.  I talk about her lots, but wasn't expecting to that day even though that's why I went.  I think it threw me off.  Brianna is such a huge part of my life. I miss her every day.  I think the hardest part is not knowing what type of person she is... is she funny? friendly? compassionate? loving... a little bratty : ) Is she loud like her momma or quiet and reserved like her dad.... Hopefully I will know someday.
Thank you again to everyone who continues to support this organization, whether by making blankets, delivering blankets or sending monetary donations.  We are always accepting of anything and receipts can be provided. Thanks to you all who love Brianna and Blankets for Brianna. 

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