Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Angel

One of my favorite quotes that has to deal with infant loss... "Some people only dream of angels, but I got to hold one."  Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

Last year we did something a little different for Brianna's birthday. Something we couldn't do this year. I had been trying to think of a way, a perfect way, to celebrate or remember Bree, but I was kinda at a loss.  I finally decided I would order those specialty cupcakes and take them to the Doctor's office and the Hospital where Bree was born along with some blankets from Blankets for Brianna. I got a couple quotes... For what I wanted it was going to be $80. EIGHTY Dollars.  I was thinking $40, so was a bit surprised when I found out the true cost.

I thought that was extremely ridiculous.  I decided then to use the money instead to get a pedicure or to do something for myself to make myself happy on this special day.

I started to think that was ridiculous.

Then I realized the perfect solution.

I have a dear friend who helps run a charity called Faithful Servants.  Check them out at  They are seriously the most amazing organization I have ever heard of.  They do anything and everything they can for everyone, person, animal.... you name it.

Faithful Servants feeds about 30 homeless people every single Saturday.  I decided that's how I would use the money I was going to buy cupcakes with.  I am sure cooking and serving the homeless would make Brianna way more happy than just taking cupcakes to nurses who don't need it. 

I don't cook much. I am still learning.  I was thinking it would be a cold day so I decided to make Taco Soup (kinda like chili) and cornbread.  I also made birthday funfetti cupcakes. 

Well the day came... January in California.. turns out its not so cold.  It was hot, I was sweating.  But the Soup was still a hit.  It was the best experience.  I didn't say why I was there, but had Bree on my mind the whole time.  The all time best part of the afternoon was taking the cupcakes around to everyone for seconds since there were so many and getting to say hi and chat a little with these humble, grateful people. 

A huge SHOUTOUT to Kendra for gathering up about 6-7 young women to come help serve. You ladies are lifesavers and was so nice to have familiar faces around.  Thanks for keeping me organized too. 
I wish I could afford to do this every weekend, but for now I will just hope to serve again and maybe even cook again.  For those of you in the Perris area, contact Faithful Servants at their Facebook page.  They are always in need of donations of any sort.
Bree's birthday was the following Monday.  We, of course, stopped by to visit her and drop off flowers.  Visiting a cemetery is pretty much the worst! Especially when it is for a child of your own.  I really hate it! Spending the day with my family was the best though, with Brianna in all my thoughts.
Later that week, I mailed blankets and such to Parkview Hospital where Brianna was born.  No one got fancy cupcakes though.  Next year I hope to celebrate her birthday in a similar way.  Hopefully, I can make it a tradition. 


  1. What a beautiful sentiment. Brianna would be so proud of you and the memories you are making in her honor. I love ya, girl!

  2. You are absolutely you <3