Friday, April 22, 2016

I don't always cry when I workout...


A few weeks ago, my friend posted an article about how people cry in Spin

and it's sooooooo true.  I am a runner as we all know, but have lately been going to Spin more to give my knees a break from the road, plus with all those people in there I am not taking slacking like I do in the open air... And as I go more and more, I start to like it more and more as well. 

This week I have been trying to do all my workouts, whether out running, at Bootcamp or at Spin.  Not half-ass them like usual, really just give it my all! And Wednesday at Spin... was the best.  Every sprint, surge even recovery I was thinking about Brianna. I was thinking that my legs are killing me, I am sweating like crazy, I wanna pass out, but if I could Spin to Bree I would never stop till I got to her.  I would run a million marathons, I would do 1,000 burpees.  I would do whatever it takes to see her. 

And, although, I knew she wasn't going to pop out of the Bike-O-Vision screen at the end of the ride I knew that I could at least try... Plus what's the point of life without trying. 

So live with purpose... whether your angel babies or your sweet babies here on earth... Try... Be purposeful... Work hard... Don't give up and finish your ride.  You never know what will be waiting for you are the end. 

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